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Acquisition - Marine Operations

Transition Zone and Ocean Bottom Solutions Worldwide

With access to over 80,000 NRU-KCK2 2 channel TZ nodes and 50,000 NRU OB4 4 channel OBN nodes Global Geophysical Services can provide a truly seamless data set from Onshore – Transition (0 -15 meters water depth) – Ocean Bottom Node (15 - 200 meters water depth) giving true value for our customers.


The acquisition of Transition and Ocean Bottom Nodal surveys various source types are required. Global Geophysical Services can deploy explosives as an acoustic source in the shallowest depths, shallow draft source vessels in shallow to medium depths and tuned airgun arrays in the deeper waters.


Through our extensive experience and planning we understand the requirements of Node deployment in Transition and Ocean Bottom Nodal surveys and the need for multiple deployment vessels. These vessels and deployment methods vary from small shallow draft manual handling vessels to larger, specialised node handling vessels configured to ensure safe and efficient node deployment and retrieval even in heavily congested marine environments. 


OB 4 Sea Floor Node anchoring options
External Sensor via KCK Lower end 2C Sensor anchoring options