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Acquisition - Overview

Highest Technology Seismic Acquisition Services

Global Geophysical Services is built on decades of expertise and is building the largest inventory of the highest technology seismic nodal recording equipment with its partner Geophysical Technology Inc (GTI). This partnership allows Global Geophysical Services access to over 200,000 Nuseis NRU1 single channel land nodes, 80,000 NRU-KCK2 2 channel TZ nodes and 50,000 NRU OB4 4 channel OBN nodes. Global Geophysical Services is the premier provider of land, transition zone, and shallow marine seismic projects anywhere in the world and in any terrain.

We truly provide Any Seis Job, Anywhere on the Planet

Global Geophysical Services is an expert provider of high-density Reservoir Grade 3D (RG3D®) seismic solutions. With the industry’s leading nodal technology, we can record cost-effective data sets with:

  • High-density, long offsets
  • Rich azimuth
  • Improved spatial resolution
  • Increased signal-to-noise ratio

By embracing our mission, vision, and values, we position ourselves as the premier provider of geophysical services. Our approach is characterized by integrity, respect, and trust. Through an unwavering commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we aim to redefine industry benchmarks and surpass client and stakeholder expectations, safely and sustainably worldwide.

Greater Value from Better Data

Acquired with the highest technology, Global Geophysical data sets enable our clientele to extract more detailed information on rock and fluid properties to drive exploration, field development, reservoir management, and hazard avoidance.