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Acquisition - RG3D

Reservoir Grade 3D: RG3D®

Global Geophysical provides Reservoir Grade Three Dimensional (RG3D®) seismic acquisition services. The seismic data that we provide is processed and used to create highly accurate images of the earth’s subsurface. Exploration and production companies use these images to locate potential oil & gas reserves based upon the geology observed.

High-density 3D Seismic Data

Global Geophysical offers exceptionally high trace density 3D seismic data sets to image increasingly complex structural and stratigraphic details within the geologic objectives. The benefits of high density 3D data include:

  • Order of magnitude greater trace density providing improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Seismic datasets that provide longer shelf life throughout the G&G cycle of the field
  • Unparalleled P wave information with excellent offset sampling at all azimuths for pre-stack analysis (AVA, AVO)
  • Enhanced detailed images of the most challenging reservoirs