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Global Geophysical Services, Inc. provides an integrated suite of geoscience solutions to the international oil and gas industry. As a leader in land acquisition and data processing, GGS combines experience, innovation, operational safety, and environmental responsibility with cutting edge geophysical technology to facilitate successful E&P execution.


Our mission is that working together we will deliver beyond expectations to build lasting customer relationships. We seek to create an environment in which people are passionate, listen, are innovative, accountable, show initiative and have integrity. If you value these characteristics in others and posses them yourself, we hope you’ll join us as we strive to become the "go to" provider of seismic solutions for the E&P industry.


Currently Seeking


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  • Party Chiefs
  • Observers
  • Vibe Techs
  • Party Managers
  • Field Techs
  • Surveyors
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Field QC Geophysicist – in house
  • Accountant, IT, Logistics: shipping and receiving, admin assistants