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Processing & Imaging - 3D Pore Pressure

3D Pore Pressure Prediction from Seismic


Weinman GeoScience utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality 2D/3D pore pressure data available.

Weinman defines reservoir models through the integration of seismic and well log data. Hampson & Russell's Seismic Inversion & Emerge neural-net well log curve editing program, LandMark's Seisworks and Stratworks, and Paradigm's VoxelGeo Visualization are all used to calculate, map and display 3D reservoir parameters, flow unit definition, and for reservoir model building. This comprehensive approach leads to an improved spatial description of the reservoir by quantitatively correlating seismic attribute data with rock properties: porosity, fluid type, lithology, net pay thickness, and other reservoir properties over a client's producing field. Furthermore, these calibrated data sets can be mapped using kriging, co-kriging, and simulation. Conventional analysis tools such as cross plotting and histograms are utilized to help determine underlying statistical patterns. Additional capabilities include interactive grid mapping for construction of geological models and fluid flow simulation grids that can be used by reservoir simulators. Weinman's reservoir characterization team works closely with client geologists and engineers in synthesizing all available knowledge about a reservoir into an economically-optimum development and production program.