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Processing & Imaging

The Leader in Seismic Data processing, Analysis, and Reservoir Characterization

Global Geophysical Services processing and imaging solutions are provided by industry-recognized Weinman GeoScience Services. Founded in 1983 and provides expert consulting, seismic data processing, geophysical, geological, and engineering services to the energy industry. Weinman is an expert provider of azimuthal processing solutions for enhanced imaging and fracture prediction.

Not All Seismic Data is Created Equal

Global Geophysical Services' RG3D acquisition technology, combined with Weinman's azimuthal processing solutions and fracture prediction maximizes seismic image potential.

Processing, Analysis & Interpretation Solutions

  • High-fidelity time and depth imaging
  • P-wave fracture prediction
  • AVO prospecting and portfolio ranking
  • Regional studies and reservoir characterization

Weinman's technical team includes major-oil company trained geoscientists as well as service company professionals with extensive field experience.

E&P Industry Innovation

Weinman GeoScience is leading the industry in fracture prediction, an emergent technology that has become a critical production indicator to oil and gas E&P activities worldwide.